CEO Gallery presents an exhibition by Kah Bee Chow
Kah Bee Chow and I are just trying to get in to see the show, and the official in charge is really giving
us a hard time. He asked us for our papers, and now he's sort of shuffling the papers around, giving
each piece of paper a turn to be on top of the pile, as if it gets a star treatment. It's a bit awkward as I'm
supposed to be responsible for getting her to the space, and Kah Bee Chow and I have only just met. I
picked her up at the station and we had a nice cab ride, I pointed out some of my favorite places in the
city. We talked about how many siblings we had, where we went to college. Nice and mellow.
The man behind the admissions desk is bald, in fact he looks a little like Leigh Bowery, the dead
Australian. He's wearing a white collared shirt, with a pocket protector, which I haven't seen outside of
a movie in quite a while. I'm starting to get worried that the whole thing was a big joke organized to
embarrass us, perhaps as part of a reality television show, but when I ask her if she thinks it's a scam
she just shushes me like, "not now." I shut up. The bald man looks up, and says,
"Would you mind taking a seat?"
He gestures to some folding chairs lined up against the wall. We sit down. Kah Bee Chow looks a bit
annoyed, she puts her bag down on the floor with, am I imagining it, or is it more force than necessary?
Through the door behind him we can hear the sounds of the show: people are talking and laughing,
someone has put on some music. A bit of conversation comes more clearly through the door,
"I realized she was doing it with like, V-8 and Tropicana, and thought that was what it was"
"ah, oh no no no"
"And I had to explain to her, it has to be fresh! You have to squeeze the juice just"
Someone turns up the music inside the gallery and I can't hear what they're saying anymore. The bald
man is typing on his computer. I can see the screen, he's gchatting someone. I have excellent vision and I can read what he's writing.
3:39 PM
mathias: and i was like oh ok sure whatever
then like
3 days later
me: with overwhelming information
mathias: we were on the highway
and i was just like HOLY SHIT
me: hahaha
Kah Bee Chow leans over and pulls a gorgeous orange silk scarf out of her bag. It's really huge and she
wraps it around her like a shawl. She becomes this orange rock from the waist up: I can't see her face or her hands. I look back to the bald man's gchat.
3:44 PM
mathias: and this division is still just awkward, right? there is a historical precedent for a disquieted relationship with the word/body in both of these "identity groups." (obviously i'm not equating the two, but i do think its interesting that, arbitrarily or not, these are the terms getting floated around
me: hang on brb
mathias: k
The man looks up from his screen. Two passes are printing from the laser printer next to his desk.
"You can go ahead in."
I stand up as the bald man hands me the passes, which are peel-off stickers with our names printed on
them. I turn to Kah Bee Chow,
"You ready?"
but she doesn't respond.
"Kah Bee Chow?"
I tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. The scarf crumbles down into a little heap on the chair,
and I pick it up, calling her name. Stupidly, I look around the room, and at her empty pants and shoes.
Kah Bee Chow has vanished.
- Cecilia Corrigan

  Kah Bee Chow, CEO Gallery, Malmö