Uffe Isolotto
12.1.2013 - 2.2.2013

These are the facts of the show:
Uffe Holm is now Uffe Isolotto. It’s Italian and means the same.
The Latin word prius means first or before, and the plural of prius is prii. Says Toyota.
Amphorae were ceramic pots used for shipping and storing goods in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The first documented @ is a written abbreviation of ‘amphora’.
The first email ever was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. To send it he had to find a character to separate the name from the place. The @ was placed on the P button on his keyboard. The content of the first email was probably something like QWERTYUIOP. He sent it to himself.
If you are decapitated, by guillotine or in a car crash, your head will be alive for 13 seconds. This means that you can see your body without the head.

  Uffe Insolotto, Toves, Copenhagen