Daphne Fitzpatrick 

Whistle and Flute 

November 8 - December23, 2012 
Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 6pm 
4. E. 2nd Street New York NY 10003 

1. It was a few minutes before four in the morning, and I was tossing around in bed, regretting that, at the moment, there was no one around to toss. 

2. A leg is better than an arm, a bedroom is better than a living room, an arrival is better than a departure, a birth is better than a death, a chase is better than a chat, a dog is better than a landscape, a kitten is better than a dog, a baby is better than a kitten, a kiss is better than a baby, a pratfall is better than anything. 

3. On September 5, 2012 Ashley Jessup, 25 from Ohio was sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 15 years for performing oral sex on her 10 month old baby. 

4. There are 987 people in the credits for The League of Gentlemen (2003) starring Sean Connery. Printed from IMDB, it uses 18 sheets of paper. It takes almost 10 minutes of screen time to scroll, I know because I watched it on a treadmill. 

5. There are 72 people in the credits for All About Eve (1950) starring Bette Davis. 


7. Gertrude Stein returned to America yesterday after thirty-one years, a square-shouldered woman of 60 with a constant chuckle in her throat and a rollick in her gait. Dressed in rough tweeds and wearing the enigmatic countenance that has marked her literary adventures for the last score of years, she sat in the lounge of the French liner Champlain for more than an hour, crossing words with a dozen baffled reporters. 
Her feet were in thick woolly stockings and round-toed, flat-heeled oxfords. A brownish tweed suit covered a cerise vest of voluminous proportions and a mannish shirt of cream and black stripes. The hat was a Stein hat, a hat as persistent as the repetitions which are a feature of her abstruse writings, Peaked in front above her candid brown eyes, it roamed backward tightly about the close-cropped head to a fold at the rear; a gay hat which gave her the appearance of having just sprung from Robin Hood's forest to enunciate another word pattern of her own literature-literature which she said must await the reverence of our grandchildren's children. 

8. Benjamin Franklin list of 13 virtues: Temperance/Silence/Order/Resolution/Frugality/Industry/ Sincerity/Justice/Moderation/Cleanliness/Tranquility/Chastity/Humility 

9. The Bullet Catch is a conjuring illusion in which a magician appears to catch a bullet fired directly at her or him - often in the mouth. First performed in 1573 by Coulew of Lorraine, who was clubbed to death with his own gun by an irate assistant in 1613. Several magicians have died doing this trick. Madame DeLinsky, 1820, 'Torrini' De Grisy (killed his son Giovanni, 1826), Dr. Epstein killed 1869, De Line (killed his son 1890) Michael Hatal (shot by audience member 1899), Edvin Lindberg killed 1905, Chung Ling Soo killed 1918. 

10. Pigs, Ducks, Goats, Cats, Dogs. 

11 I enjoy this country. I like the parks and the highways and the good schools and everything that this government does. After all, every cent anybody pays in taxes is spent to benefit all. I don't need $465,000 a year for myself, so why not give what I don't need to the government for improvements of the country. There is no better place to spend it. 

12. 4 X 16 = 64. 


14. Ikea tea lights are 8 cents each. They come in bags of 500. They are compression-molded paraffin with cotton wicks set in .5-inch aluminum cups 1.5-inch diameter. They burn for four hours. 

15. Robert Downey Jr., Tea Leoni, John C. Reilly. 

16. Claude Rains in Errol Flynn costume dramas. 

17. Since 1998, ridership on the L train has grown at three times the rate of the subway system as a whole. On weekends, the combined ridership has risen at an astounding pace: 141 percent, compared with 53 percent across the entire system. 

18. Basically, I only play one character; I just play him at different volumes. 


1. Groucho Marx 2. Preston Sturges 7, New York Times, 1935, 11. Carole Lombard 18. Chris Farley 

Fitzpatrick was recently included in It is what it is, or is it? at the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston. Her work has been in exhibitions at the ICA, Philadelphia; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles; Participant, New York; and Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco. She has contributed work to Artforum, North Drive Press and Interview Magazine. Daphne will also present work with American Contemporary at NADA, Miami in December.

  Daphne Fitzpatrick, American Contemporary, New York