The Jogging


An exhibition of chemically modified photographic prints of popular posts from Jogging is used as wallpaper. Fruit, vegetables, fish and meat are mounted over the decorated walls, each with inkjet uploaded images from Jogging lived up to their surfaces. The exhibition takes place inside perfect gift, a gallery, which was previously a ping pong room (former administrative described as "Ping Pong Room", a room inside the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts, first known as the Royal Danish Academy of portraiture sculpture and architecture school in Copenhagen, a school that was inaugurated on 31 March 1754 and given as a gift to King Frederik V on his 31 ... birthdayeven even though its name was later changed to the Royal Danish Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture in 1771. At the same event, Johann Friedrich Struensee introduced a new scheme in the Academy in order to encourage craftsman apprentices to take additional classes in drawing, in order to develop the concept of "good taste". The construction boom as a result of the great fire in 1795 greatly benefited from this initiative. in 1814, the name was changed again, this time to the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts. There is still in its original building, Charlottenborg, located on Kongens Nytorv inCopenhagen. School of architecture is located in the former Naval buildings on Holmen since 1996.

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  The Jogging, Perfect Present, Copenhagen