Hot, muggy, then cold and windy.
We swam in the sea, it got misty and we couldn't tell what time it was anymore.
12.10.13 - 16.11.13

It is just time passing. It probably won’t be remembered.
The bell is tethering a connectedness to phantom time. It is out of joint – a widening hinge for potential, for closing time to create a bootleg chronology of comparative digitization and miniature mechanics.
It will be empty.
Time won’t be anywhere.
The clock moves occasionally.
When is it time?
When is it time to?
A molding of presentable past-present placement is the original settlement for human occupancy. A melting of presented past-present displacement is the forced settlement of time into a human occupancy. 
It gives it rhythm when it is absent.
What appeals to time – sequential arrangements of a baroque signaling device – when the waking sound lacking sync is cyclically transformed, when time can no longer be acknowledged: a duplicating timeframe for the referenced subject and object, or the free distribution of an initial timeline paralleling the space between the object viewed in time and the viewer of the object.
It repeats, in time.
Watching counterfeit time originate.
Watching counterfeit time copy and disappear.

- Ed Steck

  David Horvitz, Ed Steck, Peter Amby Gallery, Copenhagen