this exhibition focuses on political artworks of the haubrok collection and forms a certain antithesis to the exhibition series “painting forever” of the berlin art week.
the title providing “bald eagle” (= american eagle) is a small painting by rodney mcmilllian which depicts a dead canary. in addition, there are works of, inter alia, christopher büchel, mike bouchet, martha rosler, 
gianni motti, emily jacir and heimo zobernig on view.

  Edgar Arceneaux, Mike Bouchet, Christoph Büchel, Jason Dodge, Douglas Gordon, Jens Haaning,  Emily Jacir, šejla Kamerić, Rodney McMillian, Gianni Motti, 
  Cady Noland, Martha Rosler, Santiago Sierra, Heimo Zobernig, et al., Sammlung Haubruk, Berlin