Tulips & Roses is closing down. Or: Tulips & Roses is undergoing cryopreservation, to be more precise. Why? The reasons are prosaic, predictable and not really worth your pixels. What’s coming next is much more exciting though, even if we’re still figuring out what that might be. Not knowing is kind of enjoyable. (For instance, scientists still don’t know what T. Rex’s disproportionately short arms were meant for.)
Our former Brussels’ space is now the office of Amnesty International (seriously), so no new shows scheduled in the immediate future. But feel free to get in touch if there’s anything about our artists or their works that you want to know. All inquiries and general correspondence will be processed.
oO is on the horizon now, rising like a doubled moon (or a pair of poached eggs) and levitating towards Venice. If not before, we truly hope to see you there this summer. Details, indexes and addresses will follow shortly.

Aurime and Jonas

  Jonas Žakaitis, Aurime Aleksandraviciute, Brussels, Tulips&Roses