47 Canal

July 2 - August 4, 2013 

opening 6-8pm

Here’s a simple game that two people can play.

Meet your friend someplace outside in a big city. Then choose a path.

The path should be circular, which means you can follow it and end up where you started. The path 
should take you about 10 or 15 minutes of walking to make a full circle. An example path might be a few 
city blocks, or an enclosed park area. Like Union Square.

Now that you’ve decided on a path, begin walking in one direction down the path while your friend walks 
in the other direction. It’s important to feel young when you walk.

Let your mind drift. Look at the people around you—hopefully you’ve chosen a path and a time of day 
that’s crowded, busy. Hopefully there are many interesting faces and buildings around you.

Don’t forget about your friend. Since you’ve agreed on the same path, you’ll meet them soon. When you 
do meet your friend, somewhere halfway down the path, pause for a moment with them. Stop walking 
and kiss your friend.

After the kiss, don’t say anything. Continue walking in the direction you were heading before you 
stopped. Continue down the path. Your friend should do the same, but in their own direction.

You can keep playing this game, making many circles around the same path. 

The game ends when you stop meeting your friend.

Bosko Blagojevic 

Kaya was born in Austin, TX in 1996 and is currently visiting New York City.

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  Bosko Blagojevic, Kaya, 47 Canal, New York