The solo show of Jacopo Miliani existed in the same space and time as Gabriele De Santis’ solo show.
Horizontally, vertically, diagonally, you will see two things at once; two solo shows, by two separate artists.
But, this is not about double vision, you won’t see one artist mimic and blur the other.
They don’t share the same research, they don’t use the same materials, they don’t listen to the same music,
they are not the same age and they don’t live in the same city. They don’t even have the same hair color.

Jacopo Miliani

opening March 15 – 16 – 17 from 1 to 9 pm
until April 21

I and the show, manifest a stream of consciousness.
The flux of associations and references are present in every step of my production.
It is different from a structured research and even it is not properly clear in the result.
For me it is one of the fundamental approaches for the potential viewer to make an encounter possible,
or many encounters – even better!

When I start to think on a project, I often have visions: it is a kind of lucid-dream. I have actually recently
experienced the practice of ‘rêve-éveillé’ myself.

I thought about a new work in the gallery and I remembered one of my favorite pieces in recent art-history:
Piedi by Luciano Fabro. The forms and the allusion to some gigantic birds have always obsessed me.
Birds or even better Parrots are one of my other obsessions. Their look, their association to freedom and then
their way to just repeat the same sound forever and ever.

They are indeed very representative, they work as art in a platonic way: the mimesis. How we can escape from
mimesis? Should we escape from it? When I tend towards an escape, I always find myself running in a mirror
maze and the logic of infinite representation starts a never-ending movement.

A free association: what it is? I don’t know, but I am trying directly to explain the encounter of this visual
apparition in my mind; it is totally a performance, and when you try to describe it disappears. So, about
works of Luciano Fabro, I always wanted to make a remake, like in cinema; and then I thought about a
movie with another bird involved in it: The Bird with the Crystal Plumage by Dario Argento. A ‘giallo’ movie
from the ’70s is a piece in which sounds and visions are totally connected. They are the discovery of one another.
The first murder scene of the movie happens in a gallery in Rome, like now in Frutta! There are gigantic sculptures
and one of that could be IRREVERENTLY connected with the work of Fabro. I might use the sculpture to make my
personal remake of the movie. What is a remake? Does it still have something to do with the mimesis?
I don’t believe so. I want to use the publications of Luciano Fabro, they are teaching something even without
browsing through the pages. One of the titles is Arte torna Arte. It is similar to the title I see for my show
PLAYMAKESPLAY, is it a coincidence? Is it a game? Now I have to concentrate on the material form of my
instruments, and the bird, where is it gone? It is a scene of the murder so I should kill him, but not leaving any
evidence. PLAY MAKES PLAY MAKES PLAY MAKES PLAY … So I google, … and when I enter ‘play makes play’,
another coincidence awaits me, I feel possessed! I am not a dull boy!

Jacopo Miliani

  Jacopo Miliani, Frutta, Rome