23 MAY - 20 JUNE 2013

ANNAELLEGALLERY is pleased to present Poemobject, a group show featuring three New Zealand and three European artists. The exhibition considers the idea of the ‘articulate’ versus the ‘discretionary’ object. While not mutually exclusive, the difference between the two lies in the location of the ‘text’--a target ever-shifting between semantic and phenomenological registers. Circling this target, or filtering it, are the following propositions: 

1.0 It is abundantly clear by now, that we do not need to have an object to have an artwork
-Joseph kosuth

2.0 The work is held in the hand, the text is held in language...
--Roland Barthes

3.0 [the poetic] that type of message that takes for object its own form.
--Roman Jakobson

4.0 the relation of Form and Content is always phenomenological
-Roland Barthes

Exhibition organized by Genevieve Allison

  John Ward Knox, Kah Bee Chow, Itaja Wirkt, Jóhan Martin Christiansen, Boris Dornbusch, Genevieve Allison, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm