i want that inside me

sexual inuendo intended butt not limited to. 
its not just limited to sticking xxx things in 
dwn xxx there, its also abt up here where 
we are sticking !!! things inside ourselves and 
others 24/7. r willing and enormous capacity 
to deliver and receive. eyes, ears, nose and 
mouth are open, feeding and being fed. we r 
intimate with what we encounter and spew. 
what we put r attention on goes deep. 
perceiving is eating. let the right ones in.

this june's i want that inside of me grew out of 
last june's i am not monogamous i heart 
poetry. selection was made from differing 
perspectives, yet i consistently worked 
against title and chose suggestive over 
obvious, abstract over representational, 
quieter over noisy, multiplicity over simplistic, 
absorbing over pushy. and it had to be 
paper, it's more immediate, has less 
baggage, and is easier to eat than a painting, 
sculpture or a video. 15 artists, 1 work each, 
7 guests, 8 feature regulars

  Gary Batty, Lisa Beck, Jared Buckhiester, David Deutsch, Tom of FInland, Sam Gordon, Léonie Guyer, Thrush Holmes, Vivian Kahra, Selena Kimball
  Lahangi KorwaDavid Moreno, Jerry Phillips, Ned Snider, Tyler Vlahovich, Feature Inc, New York