٩١١,000 B.C.

Anders Dahl Monsen
Bjørnar Pedersen
Christopher Kulendran Thomas
Ida Eritsland
Ilja Karilampi
Kareem Lotfy
Karen Gimle
Kjersti Gjestrud
Mikael Brkic
Phillip Zach
Renaud Jerez
Sandra Vaka Olsen
Tarik H. Hindic
Tor Erik Bøe

curated by Agatha Wara

We've come a long way bb’s. But let’s keep going, to a place that is simultaneously fourteen billion years ago and right now. Here you will find chaos—in the cosmos as well as in your cup of coffee. Cosmological caffeinated chaos. And chaos is what brings us to the level of the mark. What’s your mark? I want my coffee Half-Caff not Decaf. Actually make that a Half-Caff Nonfat Macchiato, Sugar-Free, 2 Percent Foam At 120 Degrees. Control the chaos bb’s.
Look inside, there is sludge. Meaning sludge.
A whole generation of so-called of apolitical persons. 9/11, 9/12, 9/13,000 B.C. And place your thoughts on Syria. Where written language emerged. Levant where the sun rises, and Tiwanaku where it sets. And Cairo where Baby Mars would eventually be victorious.
Origins as observed by the universe Origins as observed by rocks Rocks as observing each other
Critical theory, Marxist theory, conspiracy theory, the bow-wow theory, the pooh-pooh theory, the ding-dong theory, the yo-he-ho theory, the ta-ta theory, Word decrement, Jamais vu, Semantic satiation.
How far can one zoom in or out.
When every thing is photographed, every piece of information captured, every stone turned around, will we really know more then? Can the search for answers out there answer the questions that come from inside? What is your next big thing? Big idea, big data? What's your next missing Malaysian airplane theory?
Comic relief: "Everything is amazing right now, and nobody's happy." - Louis CK
So what then of the Cargo Cults. To hell with references.
A mark such as the drawing of a line, the setting of a boundary stone, or the urine of feces of an animal, is a symbolic marker that delineates this from that. This is this, this is not that. The mark is simply a placard, a sign, a gesture (human and non-human) that aims to hold still and organize the forces of chaos. It’s not just a 2 Percent Foam, Nonfat Chai Latte, Extra Hot, it’s a nod to that which holds the whole universe together, at least long enough to froth your foam.
I am a Bowerbird making a blue nest; I am not a puppy frolicking in the garden.

Grand Century presents an inaugural group exhibition on marking, chaos, and meaning; on expressivity and its migration from the internal to the external; and perhaps even on terror and Mars the victorious.

About project space: Grand Century is an artist-run space located in Lower East Side which presents exhibitions, performances and screenings for one weekend a month. Grand Century is organized by Dora Budor, Alex Mackin Dolan and Olivia Erlanger.

  Anders Dahl Monsen, Bjørnar Pedersen, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Ida Eritsland, 
Ilja Karilampi, Kareem Lotfy, Karen Gimle, Kjersti Gjestrud, Mikael Brkic, 
  Phillip Zach, 
Renaud Jerez, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Tarik H. Hindic, Tor Erik Bøe, Agatha Wara, Grand Century, New York