Alex Mackin Dolan
ltd presents...Alex Mackin Dolan

Artist Reception: Saturday 1 March 2014 6-9p

ltd los angeles is pleased to present Alex Mackin Dolan’s debut solo exhibition in California featuring digital prints on waterproof polyester and hand etched water glasses.

The motif of harmful sensation is any physical or mental damage suffered merely by experiencing what should normally be benign sensation. A Medusa’s gaze is a historical example, but the phenomena is especially contemporary. The physical/mental damage of stress emerges from each part of everyday life, simple things constantly become difficult. Much of life is managing stress, making lists, completing tasks, solving problems. But even just thinking about the world is stressful, because our world is sick, sick with a disease we cannot cure. “At Least 70 Activists Dead in Ukranian Protest” “Toxins Leaking From Second Pipe At Coal Ash Spill Site”. It is a drama not just of everyday life, but of everyone's everyday life everywhere. An ecology of drama and gossip. Green gossip, gray gossip. A drama of saving the planet, of buying the right foods, soaps and shampoos. A weave of demented stress with the normal pace of your life. Walking, changing the sheets, getting a glass of water, doing the dishes, shower, etc

Alex Dolan is an artist and curator living in New York City. His work utilizes a wide range of media and concerns an increasingly complex awareness of objects as influenced by contemporary sources of stress, such as global warming, media, and the economy. He co-curated Appendix Project Space and has recently shown at Generation Works, Karma International, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and West Lane South. In 2013, Dolan was the first Visual Artist in Residence at the Park Avenue Armory's Under Construction Series in New York as well as the Tara Ocean Polar Circle Artist in Residence in the Atlantic Ocean. He has participated in the 89plus Americas Marathon at the Museo Jumex, Mexico City and the Resources Workshop and Panel at LUMA Westbau, Zürich, both curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets. 

  Alex Dolan, ltd los angeles, Los Angeles