Original Work


March 8th - 23rd, 2014


It doesn't sound anything like Under Pressure, the only part that sounds like Under Pressure is the hook. We sampled it from them but it' not the same bassline.


I think it would be a terrible thing to deny these homeless persons even literary property nowadays


Every time someone records one of these songs, I get paid. Every time someone plays these songs on the radio, or in live performances, I get paid.


the defendants...would have this court believe that stealing is rampant in the music business and, for that reason, their conduct here should be excused


Weekends is proud to present Original Work, a solo exhibition by Artie Vierkant and the space's second exhibition. For this exhibition, Vierkant has purchased the copyright to a single recording by Daniel Lopatin. The recording, a 15 second composition created by Lopatin explicitly to be transferred to Vierkant, will be presented on loop in the space.

Artie Vierkant, Weekends, Copenhagen