On the 20th of October Boetzelaer|Nispen is opening three group exhibitions called Slow is Smooth is Fast. The exhibitions will feature works by Just Quist, Jack Brindley, Bob Eikelboom, Peter Lamb, Neal Rock and Shane Bradford. Who all confront painting with exceptional creativity, discarding the stigma of traditionalism and rearranging the medium and the process.
By assembling a coherent group of works of art in one gallery space expectations are created that an exhibition is taking place. However there are three explanatory texts, there are three sets of documentational material and there are three titles, pointing at a completely different situation.
Perhaps it is anthropological in part, a cold European thing. Although, the Scandinavians allude to it and get the idea they are usually too analytical to follow through. The French, Belgians and Germans understand it well but somehow enact it less. Of the rest of Europe, the south is too warm (too Roman?); too comfortable to push it far enough while The Eastern block too, buried as it is in the History Of Nations always push it too far. Only the Dutch and the British seem to possess the necessary puerile instinct, the secular disbelief in the afterlife and a debunked sense of the absurd to fully understand the benefits of the occasional, unfettered and unreasonable indulgence in debauchery. In short, we are hedonists and understand that pleasure can be profound.
Briefly, we can talk about the future
Virilio’s dystopian flow describes the forthcoming mass evacuation
Of the sedentary masses – the displacement of millions
Forming a permanent swarm-like migration
…‘An era of habitable circulation’
Such alarming and exciting cultural conditions require
An optimum engagement
A silk-lined transition of ideas back and forth
An oscillation and transformation between places
States of being and production blended with acute contextual awareness
The granite of moments is more like lava, a dark rapture
Transformation in agency itself
I hope this helps: now slow down and hurry
Hedonists! Indulge the now
Future and past are illusive
Immediate sensation is knowledge itself
The shame of spectacle makes minutes of us all!
Artists know this
Pure pleasure isn’t careless
Grease the instant
Go beyond
Confident of a safe return
Make sport of art
Condense the heart
Collapse, but who is willing to do it?
Employ unfettered risk
As a means to the fluid
Slow is Smooth is Fast is initiated by Peter Lamb and organised by Shane Bradford, Neal Rock and Peter Lamb. Texts are by Shane Bradford.
Private view: 20.4 17:00
Dates: 20.4 – 18.5 | We-Sa 13:00 – 18:00

Just Quist, Jack Brindley, Bob Eikelboom, Peter Lamb, Neal Rock, Shane Bradford, Boetzelaer|Nispen, Amsterdam