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In 2010 Flame was invented to filter through relevant information and feed it back to a centralised mainframe.

October 2010

This is what is really relevant at the moment:

How do you think an object can represent a stupid hip theory? Alan Badiou - does the notion of activist art still have a meaning? At Miguel Abreu Gallery.

Bro-Comedy – Jizz In My Pants


Names that are trending: R.H. Quaytman

January 2012

I've just noticed that Isa Genzken had to change her exhibition title from 'Fuck you, fuck you all' to 'Hallelujah'. Someone had to tell her she can't do that.

Bjarne Melgaard has got good representation in Berlin now, at the prestigious gallery Guido W. Baudach, Wedding. He's the only gay they couldn't beat up.

Glad to see the artists list released for the Whitney Biennial, some young names in there.

Alex Zachary Gallery are showing Jordan Wolfson now. He's covering the lower mid-sized Mousse Mag gallery circuit pretty well.

March 2014

Leading hedge fund owner Daniel Loeb is trying to unseat three Sotheby’s directors via his 9,6% share of the company. One judge said that he will have a hard time proving that he's disadvantaged.
The tech-savvy and eco-conscious 'Generation Y' is developing well. They push the approach of ambiguity towards the art market further into public consciousness.

Never before has so many black artists been blamed for being flipped as billionaires compare their tax increases to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis.

Names that are trending: Eddie Peake, Lena Dunham

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