Sam Lipp

My Hamster Cage

April 27 - May 25

Opening April 27, 6-8pm

Sephora, Shubby and L'Oreal are still sleeping. There are a few things I need to make clear before we begin the tour. So first things–they live in a 110 quart bin that I purchased from Target. So there wasn't really a reason behind this I just wanted to switch things up and see how she liked it. She is just amazingly sweet…

Shubby enters from stage right. She is carrying something in her arms but it is concealed from view of the other players. With an abrupt movement she runs downstage, straight past the tissue paper flowers and the papier-mâché rocks. L'Oreal watches from the wing as she tears through the stage cues on her clipboard: "No No No This is all wrong! What's she doing?!" she blurts into the headset, "She's going off script!"

Three missed calls, two messages; one from Mom: "Sweetie come home, we Miss u." In a fit of rage, Shubby bites the screen of her phone, breaking the glass. Familylifeis fucking Torture!

Shubby stumbles past center stage onto the apron, writhing and undulating with brio. She collapses onto the floor–if only she could control her body, stop this terrible heaving! Through the bright lights she can dimly make out the members of the audience. Custard lays watching from her strawberry bed. She leans in and whispers to her companion, "I just love her, her humor is so destructive!" Across the rotunda, Ovaltine sits in the puzzle playground filling her face with food. She is always eating. Ovaltine's diminutive presence assaults Shubby at every glance, and she finds herself breathless and flustered with contempt. Shubby sends another text to the director––I DONT KNO MY LINES––

  Sam Lipp, Bodega, New York