2 May – 31 May
Marco Bruzzone
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T: So..ich glaube…
M: Massì, dai… saranno sette otto pizze. No?
P: Si, massimo dieci.
M: Sisi, hai ragione!
T: Wa…Was? Was meinst du? What do you mean?
M: No, Nothing…no big deal… it´s just…i mean, we don’t use it anymore now, but it’s an old unit system, an italian thing…well, in some context it still exists, but hey, it’s almost dead…
T: What?
M: Come on Tillmann… it’s nothing. Sometimes we still use the Pizza unit to measure lengths or surfaces. This wall for example would be about thirteen or fourteen P… and this room is about… i’m not sure… maybe twohundredandseventysomething pizzas. I’m not sure. As i was telling you…
T: Really? You still really do that??
M: Yes, it’s dying and it’s not so used anymore, but sometimes we still use it.
T: Oh.

  Marco Bruzzone, Gillmeyer Rech, Berlin