(La Belle Inertie)
31.05.14 - 05.07.14
Borgergade 2, Courtyard, 1300 Copenhagen K
Opening Saturday, May 31st, 2 - 5pm
(La Belle Inertie)
…been told that the melancholics have great bones and little or no marrow at all. In cases where there is some marrow to be found, it is dry as the bone itself. It makes no difference really. Not at all favorable for moving about.
Yes, and no facial expression. Just a mere Blockhead, like fools. Just heads, more heads, no faces really.
The erotics of theirs seem to be an ossified thought. Quite a sad, desperate flanking formation. No airy drapings, no ecstasy… In the end it remains silly.
Mathias & Mathias is an artist group consisting of Mathias Toubro (b. 1986, DK) and Mathias Dyhr (b. 1991, DK). Their practice embraces classic sculpture often used in spatial and social installations.
Recent exhibitions include ‘Tale to Tale’ at KBH Kunsthal (Krabbesholm), ‘Fine and Dandy Symposion’ (Peter Amby Collection) and ‘Ricotta’ at BKS Garage (Copenhagen). Mathias & Mathias have recently created the statuettes for the “Fælleskabsprisen” prize and will participate in the upcoming sculpture triennial in Odense as well as create a new public project for ‘Skovsnoen’.
This is their first exhibition at Last Resort.

  Mathias & Mathias, Last Resort, Copenhagen