May 9th Patrick Cruz at Multiplex Annex 2400 NE Holladay 6-10pm

Fresh off the boat

I was thinking of limiting my colour palette between Red, Blue and White

United States and the Philippine flag both share the colour palette mentioned,

Except for yellow

I am making all the work at MULTIPLEX

I plan to execute a serious looking exhibition to the point of ridicule

Fun and humour are important elements in my work

I intend to be sober through the whole process of production

It’s interesting that both United States and the Philippines have masonic influences.

United States used to occupy the Philippine Islands

If they catch you smoking weed in the Philippines you can be jailed for life

Vancouver, Canada hosts a massive 420 within their art gallery grounds

I think the exhibition will be mostly about Canada

If the United States was on four wheel drive Canada is on neutral

While the Philippines has her emergency lights on

Possibly colour red as well

Colour is spelt with a “u” in Canada

I think the border is also a heterotopic space

As well as Duty Free

I love Duty Free

The exhibition Fresh off the boat will be accompanied by a supplementary text by Steff Ling

Patrick Cruz (b.1987) is a Filipino-Canadian artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Working in a variety of mediums his works often examine the production of aesthetics and visual culture through cultural displacement, diaspora and globalisation. Recent solo showings include West coast Maximalist (2013), Sunset Terrace; birth of a seagull eschewed by a crow in good standing (2012), Small Gallery; Yin Yang Temple (2011), Unit/Pitt; and Made in the Philippines (2010), W00 Gallery. Recent group exhibitions include Radiation (2013), Chulangkorn Art University; Dark side of the Sun (2013), Art informal; Monomania (2013), Trench Gallery; Welcome to Sax Island (2012) Or Gallery Berlin; Picturing Intuition (2011) Sub Gallery; The Gift (2010) Lucky’s Gallery. Upcoming exhibitions include a solo show at Multiplex, Portland, USA and Yactac, Vancouver, Canada.

  Patrick Cruz, Multiplex, Portland