Opening reception: Friday June 13, 6-8pm 
Matt Ager
Martin Basher
Armin Boehm
Anthony Caro
Aline Cautis
Andy Coolquitt
Rick Hager
Whitney Hubbs
Nick Kramer
Jason Bailer Losh
Pernille with Madsen
Sigrid Sandström
Melanie Schiff
Emily Sudd
B. Wurtz
Organized by Jason Bailer Losh
Anat Ebgi is pleased to announce Duckrabbit, an exhibition organized by Jason Bailer Losh, opening June 13 and on view until July 26, 2014.
Whenever someone other than the artist sees an artwork, a duckrabbit is born. A lobed inkblot, seen one way, resembles a duck; seen another, a rabbit. The eye is an eye, but the ears are also a beak. The artist draws a duck; the viewer sees a rabbit. The present show is the public debut of rare and energetic creatures, born in the solitude of the studio, anxious to be seen. The present show is the consummation of a long flirtation between intent and reception.
Duckrabbits fill the damp warren of the gallery. As the viewer wades in, ankle deep in duckrabbits, interpretations proliferate. Wherever you look, behind every rustle in the weeds, out darts another aesthetic dilemma: duck or rabbit; rabbit or duck. Sculptures read as inverted furniture; photographs confuse the optical and the physical; paintings extrude the picture plane into vertical still lifes. Plinths, striations, expressive lines, painterly marks, texture, polish, highlights and shadows abound. The borders between sculpture and installation, sight and touch, art and object approach a feathery, furry precision. These duckrabbit scenes, meant to be read one way, read another, pivot around a core, around an eye common to both duck and rabbit: the quality of being art.
For more information, please contact Stefano di Paola: or call (310) 838- 2770
Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm

  Matt Ager, Martin Basher, Armin Boehm, Anthony Caro, Aline Cautis, 
Andy Coolquitt,
 Rick Hager, 
Whitney Hubbs,
 Nick Kramer, Jason Bailer Losh,
  Pernille With Madsen, Sigrid Sandström,
 Melanie Schiff, Emily Sudd, B. Wurtz, Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles