L’embarras – a sketch for an exhibition
Toke Lykkeberg invité par Honza Hoeck
31.5.2014 - 21.6.2014
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Opening: Friday, May 30, 17-20
”Put this on your ’Must See’ list”
Saturday Review
”Incredible, absolutely incredible”
”Je ne connais pas de sentiment plus embarrassant que l’admiration”
Charles B
”Art is long. So is embarrassment”
Jerry Saltz
L. David
“Embarrassment is not an irrational impulse breaking through socially prescribed behavior but part of this orderly behavior itself”
E. Goffman
”I don’t know much about psychoanalysis but I’d say this is a dirty picture”
The Critic

  Alphonse Allais, Woody Allen, Leas Arts Incohérents, Maiken Bent, Mel Brooks, Serge Gainsbourg, Hergé, Adriana Lara, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Whitney Houston, Rolf Nowotny, Emilie Pitoiset, Julien Peévieux, Torben Ribe, Jens Settergren,Toke Lykkeberg, Toves, Copenhagen