Present in Absentia
features Sophie Tottie, Liam Gillick, Torben Ribe, Hedwig Houben and A Kassen. 

Inside the group exhibition for BA students from the Royal Institute of Art at Konstnärshuset another group show is taking place. Here works of five international artists are installed. What brings their works together is that the production has been handed over to me. According to specific instructions and individual ideas, I have produced new original works by the artists with the attempt of getting closer to creation through investigation and experiencing what remains… New interpretations are taking over where others are already found. Points of departure are multiplying. Presence in absence and absence in presence.

Get rid of control
”Det ser rigtig spændende ud, og HELT anderledes end jeg forstilte mig!”
– Torben Ribe

with some reservations
”Ej ok för slarvigt…”
– Sophie Tottie

and obligations.
“I think you should destroy whatever it is that I can think of doing…”
– Liam Gillick

“It’s important that the executor sees himself as a volunteer in the experiment and makes use of his own prejudices and assumptions.”
– Hedwig Houben

“You can use them in relation to other work. Also any scale and to be honest any material... They could be for absolutely anything you chose...”
– Liam Gillick

“The scene should consist of a simple storyline that we will like you to come up with. It can be done in multiple ways.”
– A Kassen

from Denmark
”og det er ikke fordi du så skal vælge en af mine "formationer", bare mal og få tømt den neglelak, som en 5 årig ville gøre det”
– Torben Ribe

to earnest.
“I know I’m asking quite a lot from you, but I guess that’s what my practice includes.”
-Hedwig Houben

The exhibition opens on the 28th of May and continues until the 15th of June 2014. Performance of Hedwig Houben's ABOUT THE GOOD AND THE BAD SCULPTURE 3 will be carried out by myself at 17:00 at the vernissage.

Warmly welcome,
Gabriel Säll

  Sophie Tottie, Liam Gillick, Torben Ribe, Hedwig Houben, A Kassen, Gabriel Säll, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm