Sand in my shoes 

André Butzer, Cris Kirkwood, Maja Körner, Daniel Mendel-Black, and Thomas Winkler

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Sand in my shoes

I am cruising through the desert
The wind is banging on my ear
10 000 miles away from home
objects in mirror are closer than they appear

There are blue flowers on the sidewalk
I´m too fast to watch them grow
Buy some frosted flakes and hot dogs
while the sun is trying to go

How am I driving? How do you do?
How can I leave the past behind?
Unfinished future, sad and true
a bunch of questions on my mind

I´m so lucky, I´ve got air conditioner, that´s great!
The heat is just illusion
Right in the middle of this state
the system´s the solution

I stop at nine at motel six
The only place where i can go
Take a shower, swing my hips
in a room with HBO

Here I am, all dreams fullfilled
I am your governor´s lost son
There are so many words, I can build
using the letters in „Fun in the Sun“.

It´s an empty time in an empty town
With Ice-cream, orange-juice and white bread
I met twentyeight girls in twentynine palms
„Hi! My name is Manfred!“

Thomas Winkler, Twentynine Palms, Oktober 2003

© Verlag Heckler und Koch, Berlin

André Butzer, Cris Kirkwood, Maja Körner, Daniel Mendel-Black, Thomas Winkler, Tif Sigfrids,