Ivana Basic
Becky Howland
Ross Iannatti
Jeffrey Joyal
Stuart Middleton
James Michael Shaeffer, Jr.
Edward Marshall Shenk

Curated by James Michael Shaeffer, Jr.


Opening June 28th, 6-9pm

June 29th - 11-6pm

Grand Century
284 Grand Street (between Chrystie and Eldridge)
New York


*flyer designed by Edward Marshall Shenk

Something like a poster of Gilles de Rais wearing a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt in some teenagers bedroom in the Midwest. It’s 2004 and the computer in the room has Rotten.Com bookmarked and someone’s downloading Faces of Death on KaZaA. If Comte de Lautréamont had a driver’s permit and was about to get his braces off he’d be sitting there wishing his hair were longer. He likes the idea of cutting and tells his parents that American Psycho is his favorite movie. (Or even worse)… you pass by a roadside memorial that’s now been forgotten, you go see “Hellraiser” and get a large popcorn, you think about how 287 people died in South Korea when their ship sank in April, and then you fall asleep reading Huysman’s La Bás. (But then maybe)... it’s more like that girl who got drunk on New Years Eve in the catacombs by Odessa, only to get lost and wander the tombs for days until she finally died. You try and think about her last days alone in that dark labyrinth crying for help until her voice went hoarse. You remember that image of her body after it was found 2 years later and how it was reduced to a pile of dust. You think how strange it is to refer to a body as “it”.

  Ivana Basic, Becky Howland, Ross Iannatti, Jeffrey Joyal, Stuart Middleton, Edward Marshall Shenk, James Michael Shaeffer Jr., Grand Century, New York