use 2 b usb / soy disseminated by Rebecca Stephany and Nora Turato

in august 2013, arnisa and antonia from amsterdam art space rongwrong invited rebecca to make an edition to support their program. friendship is key to how a & a work and think. rebecca decided to make a collaborative edition. one that would address and integrate her friendly connections tied throughout ten or so years of studying, residencing, teaching, exhibiting, professionalizing and internationalizing as a female artist and designer. use 2 b usb rotates on a number of ellipses. it is a wearable usb collection made from natural latex rubber, black and green ink and naked usb circuit boards. each piece contains a digital contribution by one of 40 female artists, designers, writers and curators. an immaterial group show enclosed within skins of strange consistency. nora was one of the girls. two norwegian artists, too, hanne and isfrid. use 2 b usb was launched on a saturday in january and nora gave a live performance with yoko bono vox ono. in february, nora asked rebecca over some green tea whether she would like to collaborate on extending the web format of kazachenko. nora said she wanted to use kaza’s website to invite artists, designers and other people to think about what it meant to show work online, parallel to the physical shows at kaza. rebecca believes in snowball effects and mutual mental infections and said yes, sure!. they drank more green tea, interrupted by a short intermezzo when rebecca tried to find out how tired she actually was. in march nora and rebecca began working on a video about real estate photography in white spaces and the mechanisms of contextlessness, dissemination and authenticity, once the jpgedded deformation of an art work or show starts circulating online (yeeeees, I totally saw that show – on contemporary art daily). the two set themselves the rule to work through their digital questions with analogue examples from 20th century cultural history. they did cheat by turning their online research into physical props for the video, six books printed by lulu. rebecca and nora own their own words. there is also a commenting sport sock. ikea stays in ikea. maybe you remember nora’s neue deutsche welle hit we dismantle our shows to build up our CVs. two fun facts about nora: she insists on biking uphill in the highest gear and likes to order her coca cola light with a cappuccino. nicholas, who is dating nora, is a f-a-n of rebecca’s work and invited her for a show at kaza. that also happened in february. rebecca knows maarten, who is also a part of kaza, from back at rijksakademie in 2010 and is dating a guy called niklaus. rebecca thought it would be great to take use 2 b usb to oslo and to also include her video with nora in order to launch the project for kaza’s website. the show is called soy disseminated. during the opening on may 23, both nora and rebecca, nicholas and niklaus will be present. maarten, too hopefully (he just got a baby). white cubes will be served. nora and rebecca would like to mention david who made the poster for the show and carried many, many water melons.

  Rebecca Stephany, Nora Turato, Kazachenko's Apartment, Oslo