Steve Bishop & Philomene Pirecki
Curated by Julia Marchand
accompanied by a booklet with contributions from
Peter Burleigh, Laura McLean-Ferris, Tom Morton, David Price, Bastien Rousseau
& Steve Bishop, Philomene Pirecki, Julia Marchand

No matter what you sing I will already know what you speak of.
I think.
I think I can foresee. Am I wrong?
My eyes are hearing. I will take a short breath to continue.
The machine for breathing, for slowing down, is twofold.
Or, multidirectional maybe.
Time is a parabola and light exists in a spectrum, he says.
There is the movement of time that makes the time of day,
the time of evening and everything in between.
And now a question is rushing towards me: have they found it?
It is searching for intimacy.

  Steve Bishop & Philomene Pirecki, Julia Marchand, Truth and Consequences, Geneva