Ryan Estep
Hot Wuss; Repeated
6th June – 19th July 2014
Hot Wuss; Repeated…From Middle English wus, wose(“juice, sap”), from Old
English w?s (“moisture, exuded liquid, juice”), from Proto- Germanic *w?s1 (“juice, moisture”), from Proto-Indo-European *wes- (“fat, moisture”). Cognate with Danish os (“vine sap”), West Frisian weaze (“slime, mud”), Dutch waas (“marshy land, vapor, mist, film”). More at ooze.
wuss (plural wusses)
The liquor obtained from boiling or squeezing fruit or vegetable
Probably a blend of wimp and puss, compare laterwussywussy.
wuss (plural wusses or wussies)
(slang) A weak or ineffectual person.
Heat. Sterilized Dirt. Acrylic White. Cotton Duck.
Soap. Iron Oxide. Lemons.Move. Clean.

  Ryan Estep, Ellis King, Dublin