U:L:O: Part I | L: Curated by Important Projects
June 20 - July 13, 2014
by this point the ceiling had been saturated for multiple seasons
far past capacity, the walls were running
the floor full, unwalkable
cold feet had grown into cold thighs
sitting down was the latest form of surrender
no rest for a population
rest, a form, an elongated form of suicide
putting up ones feet had become an outdated mannerism, laughable
laughed at
it was a village distilled
at its lowest level
always draining
just an arms length
above their heads
Luis Miguel Bendaña
Maliea Croy
Ian Dolton-Thornton
Derek Frech
Matt Endler
Paulette Humanbeing
Valerie Keane
Sam Lipp
Kait Mooney
Bryan Morello
Erin Jane Nelson
Eric Veit

  Luis Miguel Bendaña, Maliea Croy, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Derek Frech, Matt Endler, Paulette Humanbeing, Valerie Keane, Lenox-Lenox, Sam Lipp, Kait Mooney, 
  Bryan Morello, Erin Jane Nelson, Eric Veit, Important Projects, Interstate, New York