Nathaniel de Large
Dung Sun
9/19—10/12, 2014
Opening reception Friday 9/19, 6—10pm

247365 NY
131 Eldridge St.
New York NY

There's an airplane in the hereafter with beautiful views from the windows. The sun rollin' rotation snowflake, bottled essence of brass band, when u laugh the music gets louder. A short pencil with no eraser, cathy who lives in the gravy, a procession of incoherent images. A specific experience of abnormal meaningfulness.

From the windows u can see time dilate as the light rolls in to strike transparent films of titanium oxide, part is reflected and part passes through. The light passing through is delayed and returns to the surface out of step with the original light. Here the waves either cancel or augment each other to produce an interference color.

"Interference in a thin transparent cuticle gives rise to the colors of some beetles."
Kurt Nassau, "The Causes of Color," Scientific American, V.243, No. 4 October, 1980, p. 124.

  Nathaniel de Large, 247365, New York