The search, conversations & ideas
The question lies in visibility! She would go on to say.
There is the smell of green at one tucked slope, countered by the cursor at another incline. One may entice another.
It is potentially green anywhere, even where it doesn't permit for growth. Man holds these credentials at the least.
A search calls for action…what are the footprints without the dirt and pebble; the scroll and stroll. A view from up above the clouds allows for better navigation, though the smell is far-reaching for any touch as such. Nevertheless, what a grand overview; block by block zones; the green pastures beneath…the city is everywhere.
How about over there.
Grounded here: it is potentially green. And the smell of the concrete curing permeates in the air…recalling the sort of gardens of childhoods. This surely is the comfort food of a collective outdoors.
No matter if the color underneath is fresh green, a checkered red-and-white, or a dubious smoky grey…
Let's not settle just yet let's roam.

A question of public space, and sculptures
Permanent displays show resilience in their stature, they are strong, yet they transcend in their dirt and rust of histories. Sculptures like these are visited, payed homage to, and the public is inevitably in shadow of their presence and projectile - they embody in them the DNA of memory. They reveal the cut-off hands of coups of yesteryear, dismantled wires and chipped pedestals, mustached faces with bird shit all over, etc. etc.
Do physical displays and physical documentation of temporal moments differ? Nobody knows the room falls silent.
To be considered: the icon has to be dead, devoid, to be eternal. Though a blob might do.
Imagine the perfect public figure: a blob. A blob made of Arborvitae greens. She would span her arms round in motion.
There lingers the uncertainty of permanence. Momentary rewards however are subscribed right in…

Action and discovery
Hey, and then there is the human experience: the making of, the instalment, the break-and-enter…
the seizure by police and park control. Cat 'n mouse.
How about there, it is potentially green it is potentially grey, potentially nada. And we can potentially vandalize anywhere….this is great!

The public
The public is for all!
Yet it accommodates for private dwellings. What if an open venue becomes exclusive? What if this assembled park of greens, slopes, animal decorations and welded curvatures made for human consumption is intervened with foreign elements: an intervention on top of another intervention of space then.
Hallmarks of aggressive human behaviour nevertheless, is that right so?
The question we decide is a matter of audience, legal parameters, or philosophical debating. We turn to wine: but be assured the red spill onto the green carpet we can manage ourselves thank you very much!

a project by 
Santiago Taccetti, Mirak Jamal

Aleksander Hardashnakov, Anthony Salvador, Ivana Basic, Ruben Grilo, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Steffen Bunte, Zuzanna Czebatul,, Santiago Taccetti, Mirak Jamal, Berlin