ETTORE FAVINI | You certainly took your sweet time

- Ettore, do you have any scheduled date for your solo exhibition?
- I have some ideas, I am just taking them under consideration, but it will take some time to actualize these ideas. 

In the meanwhile CO2 moved from Rome to Turin, the spaces changed and the previous project wasn’t suitable anymore.

- So Ettore, do you have any idea about your solo? We are ready.
- Yes, the project is ready too but I need some little more time, just few months, I’m working on the time, working on us, we are our time, time has been so generous to us.
- Sure, take your sweet time, you’re right, we are the product of our time.

This is Ettore Favini’s (Cremona, Italy, 1974) way of working. 
His project 'You certainly took your sweet time', has been developed in two years of thoughts and two hours of work. It is a consideration of the flowing of time and its importance on human being after several surveys, after having observed how the gallery has worked and changed in a year time.

  Ettore Favini, CO2, Turin