Hard Weather
Carson Fisk-Vittori & Anna Sagström

October 30 - December 5, 2014
Reception: Thursday, October 30, 7:00-10:00 pm

Break of a wave, bad earth quakes,
Weather building up.
While surfing a wave I decided to de-install.
As soon as I'd come back, I'd re-install.
On my way home,
a wet morning, sound proof,
and the fragrance of a touch.
This wet morning, sound proof,
sedimentations of you.
Soft clouds navigating through damn layers of perfume.
Break of a wave causing a subtle insurrection,
a rippling aftermath.
Is rear view mirror syndrome limiting your potential?
I rotate 360 degrees in one day and my memory is gone,
now replaced by some casual encounters, some less.
Early hours dissolved by patterns of resonance,
like a coin falling from a balcony of the 25th floor.

While I was detoxing symbolic success was evaporating in front of me.
I turned desire into simple needs,
like staying hard. 
- text for 'Desperate Vitality' by Matilda Tjäder

Carson Fisk-Vittori
b. 1987. Lives in Oakland, California

Anna Sagström
b. 1985. Lives in Berlin, Germany

  Carson Fisk-Vittori, Anna Sagström, Matilda Tjäder, Et Al., San Francisco