Please join us on Thursday, Oct 30th, 2014 at HQHQ project space, 232 SE Oak St #108 from 6-9 for the opening reception of I'm Scared, Will I Dream?


Matt Leavitt
Izidora Leber
Justin K. Moore + John Tage Johnson
Anastasia Tuazon


Daisy, Daisy
Give me your answer true
I’m half crazy 
Over the love of you
It won’t be a stylish marriage
I can’t afford a carriage
But you’ll look sweet…

HAL 9000 is an advanced artificial intelligence, responsible for controlling the systems of Discovery One. Formless, immaterial, and ultimately subject to the ability of the human agent to overcome it, HAL is disconnected at the end of the acclaimed Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey; calmly, nearly coldly, expressing fear in the last moments of its existence. The futility of the immaterial, or otherwise, intangible whole is that which fears invisibility – to be forgotten, to be discarded, or to be hidden amongst the clutter. 
Barring conversations surrounding the beautifully fictionalized automaton or a type of dystopia, I’m Scared instead searches for the magic in transcending the automaton of contemporary human experience governed by capital, value, and definable objecthood. 
In eschewing the definition of an object, dodging monetization, and embracing presence, the works in this exhibition seem to occupy a space of transition, transference, or transience at the root of their most identifying principles.

What is a thing like when it cannot be stolen? What is a dream like when you are somewhere strange? 


Matt Leavitt is an artist working in various media to create exhibitions, often including found objects, sculpture, and photography. He has a background in Civil Engineering and Zen monastic life, which largely influence his work. Leavitt has recently exhibited at the Cawein Gallery at Pacific University, and at PDX Contemporary as part of their Window Project. He holds an MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Izidora Leber was born in former yugoslavia (now croatia) living and working in Portland, OR and Zurich, CH. Her work tackles contemporary issues of transnationality, un/belonging, movement(s) and psychological narratives and tensions (forgetting-remembering, presence-absence) through a videomakers gaze in multimedia installations.
Her artistic passion is to collaborate with poets, activists and the unbelonging, to create temporary milieus of connection.
contact: lethe@riseup.net

Justin K. Moore is an interdisciplinary artist located in Portland, Oregon. He is currentlya senior in the BFA program at The Pacific Northwest College of Art. His practice emphasizes a phenomenological approach to a kinesthetic experience, provoking and heightening characteristics that inform a perception of space. His work utilizes artificial light and reflectivity in an attempt to initiate formal dialogues of spatial dimensionality. 

Tage Johnson is a Portland based Printmaker. Taking the technical systems of image translation from printmaking and applying them as a form of conceptual problem solving has allowed his work to manifest in different forms. These visualizations of thought have taken the form of two-dimensional images, performative experiences, or as site specific installations. His work addresses ideas of: space, place, and perceptions regarding mental and physical landscapes.

Anastasia Tuazon is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. Her research-based practice often involves appropriation of mass media, exploring the potential of art to function as cultural criticism and political intervention.

  Matt Leavitt, Izidora Leber, Justin K. Moore, John Tage Johnson, Anastasia Tuazon, HQHQ Project Space, Portland