Je suis féministe

Rachal Bradley - Harry Burke - Adam Christensen - Susan Conte - Jana Euler - Nadine Fraczkowski - Manuela Gernedel - J A Harrington - Onyeka Igwe - Marie Karlberg - Morag Keil - Ed Lehan - Patricia L Boyd - Sidsel Meineche Hansen - Dan Mitchell - Marlie Mul - Melika Ngombe Kolongo - Georgie Nettell - Lucy Parker - Josephine Pryde - Ash Reid - Matthew Richardson - Joanne Robertson - Haydon Saunders - Gili Tal - Rihanna Turnbull - Lena Tutunjian - James Whittingham 

This title is taken from a Simone de Beauvoir interview on French television in 1975. The show has come about through conversations with many different ppl and groups. It does not offer any definition of feminism or a solution to the disagrements within the field but please come.

Rachal Bradley, Harry Burke, Adam Christensen, Susan Conte, Jana Euler, Nadine Fraczkowski, Manuela Gernedel, J A Harrington, Onyeka Igwe, Marie Karlberg,   Morag Keil, Ed Lehan, Patricia L Boyd, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Dan Mitchell, Marlie Mul, Melika Ngombe Kolongo, Georgie Nettell, Lucy Parker, Josephine Pryde,   Ash Reid, Matthew Richardson, Joanne Robertson, Haydon Saunders, Gili Tal, Rihanna Turnbull, Lena Tutunjian, James Whittingham, London