Luke Libera Moore | Roman Schramm
‘Things and free expanse’

Opening: 11.11.2014
h 18.30/21.00

11.11 – 05.12.2014
mc2gallery, Milano

curated by Domenico de Chirico

‘Gathering (Versammeln) comes to play in the place in the sense of the releasing sheltering of things in their region.
And the region? The older form of the word runs ‘that-which-regions’ (die Gegnet).
It names the free expanse. Through it the openness is urged to let each thing merge in its resting in itself. This means at the same time: preserving, i.e., the gathering of things in their belonging together.’

‘The interplay of art and space would have to be thought from out of the experience of place and region.’

Martin Heidegger, ‘Art and Space’
Translated by Charles H. Seibert
Loras College


Luke Libera Moore. Born, 1990 in Upstate New York. BFA, The Cooper Union, New York, class of 2012. Lives and works in New York City. Recent exhibitions include: ‘June Snow’ at Evelyn Yard, London (Group) and ‘Image Soliloquy’ at Juicys Gallery, New York (Solo).
Published in Matte Magazine.


Roman Schramm. Born 1979. Lives and works in Berlin. Represented by Croy Nielsen, Berlin, Germany.

Luke Libera Moore, Roman Schramm, Domenico de Chirico, mc2gallery, Milan