Maja Cule - Facing the Same Direction

Curated with Cadence Kinsey

PV: 11th October 6-9pm (additionally, the artist and curator will be in conversation for a small tour of the exhibition at 5pm on 11th)

Exhibition: 12th October - 15th November (Gallery Open Thu-Sat 12-5pm)

To fail harder, is to do what you love and be drawn closer into its economy.

Maja Cule’s first UK solo exhibition, titled Facing the Same Direction, wilfully folds itself into DWYL* culture.

Sharing, more than ever, is stationed with making. As the share performs an almost aggressive attachment to processes of production, it brings with it another mass-produced neoliberal construct: that one can forget about overcoming the obstacles faced in doing what you love, and instead just fail harder.

*(DWYL = Do What You Love)

  Maja Cule, Cadence Kinsey, Arcadia Missa, London