Micah Schippa: 40,075

Opening Saturday, October 18th, 6 – 9pm

Born Nude is proud to present its inaugural exhibition - 40,075 - new work by Micah Schippa


Ibuprofen / November 9, 1989 

Zhe, Oil Tycoon, round and made mostly of water
with a headache
wants to know why .45 meters
from the heart to the brain (average)
though Zhuang Zhou appeared to zher
and didn’t care (30 days for a butterfly life)
a hole Neosporin can’t fix

Moisturizing and propelling ourselves using
the liquefied remains of our “past” –
start the car, it talks – the perfect alchemy machine,
the car is a snake skin
here, D&G, one eye the sun the other a mirror
D opens some champagne (more “past”)
G takes revenge against Time; tyranny’s favorite lie
that melts at 1,948° (F)

(I am an opera made of fat, water, and electricity
– petroleum in the making)

(Chorus – sung by Melanie Klein)
“Yet got we by rare fortune at our birth
Man’s shape, that is hard to get”
(and easy to transform?)
bomb sphere or golden scepter (I split myself in half)
to keep a drowsy Emperor awake

Out of the wormhole a ¾ sun
shown against the melancholy
of zher silhouette
…the way our kissing turns into ten years of revolution…
Saliva on the night of December 21, 2012
(that is, kissing, matter in sympathy with affection)

one orange,
juiced, (drunk by the Noh mask)
worn by Stephen Hawking (who just appeared)
(not drinking)
trying to sing a song
while it spills down his neck
he sings
War, the
opposite of archeology
i sing
(there is a text inside of me),
i am ready to wear

zhe doesn’t cry because
zhe is sad (we are bound to here)
but because there are holes in zher face
the only ghost that haunts itself

(Zhe whispered in her sleep that
all matter is exactly the same age
and zhe dreams this is a kind of freedom)

Micah Schippa, Born Nude, Chigaco