B I A N C A   D ' A L E S S A N D R O

Anna Zacharoff
Quelle Odeur

Opening Friday 14 November at 5 - 8 pm

Time after Tide

Tide was making the anemones dance a radical dance. It slapped the clamorous corrals, without result, and whipped the kelp to get attention. Glaring clownfishes tried to keep up in the tango, occasionally getting thrown out in yet another quick turn.  
Further down the reef, Tide's harassment was less effective. Sharks silently patrolled the rocks in search of no good deeds, sniffing right to left, left to right, in a never ending work-shift. All the bloody donuts trying to hide, best they could.
Hopefully out of sight of whatever was out there, a school of shrimps was filtering water among stones even further down in the blue. Occasionally making conversation.
"How many shrimps long is that dark and singing cloud?" Asked one of the shorter shrimps.

"You mean the whale clouds?" A longer one wondered. "I would think that the biggest turtle cloud is around 50 shrimps stretched long, and a whale cloud must then be around 750 stretched shrimps long, thus calculating that the whale cloud is at least as long as 15 big turtle clouds?" He answered very accurately for being a shrimp.

"But the normal turtle clouds are only 30 stretched shrimps long?" The shorter shrimp had answered his own question.

"Can’t you focus on what the other shrimps are doing, instead of always looking up at the clouds?" A model-sized shrimp grumpily clicked into the conversation.

There the chattering stopped. The shorter shrimp turned his antennae away in disappointment. Silently searching for more whale cloud songs in the distance.  
There were a lot of clouds reflecting on the sky. Swimming around, the shrimp wondered about the new world he had been hatched into. From the corner of the dark stones at the bottom, most of the clouds were pale white, and almost as blinding as the end of water. Only closer to the rush-hour of Tide did they all dress in different colors.  

A shrimp had to go with the dragging force of Tide to see big things like the clouds that sing. The shapes of clouds felt infinite. None was broader then it was long, but perhaps turtle clouds were pretty much square.

For images and further information about the exhibition please contact the gallery. The show ends Saturday 20 December. Opening hours Tuesday - Friday 12 noon - 6 pm, Saturday 12 noon - 3 pm.

  Anna Zacharoff, Bianca D'alessandro, Copenhagen