By Henrik Plenge Jakobsen

Sunday 9 November 17:00 - 20:00
Vinhanen, Baggesensgade 13
Copenhagen N

Darkness is falling upon us. Onto this city, out on the flat lands.
It sticks on the skin of the buildings, peels off the windows of our homes.
Lucky Angst Cat is wandering the streets wishing us good luck in this dark hour.
To remind us of that, which we cannot read. 
Don't we forget of our fears!
The Japanese proverb says: if a cat washes its face, a visitor is expected.
The Chinese proverb says: if a cat washes its face, it will rain.
Visitors are coming. It surely will rain.
Please come and join us for a glass of wine to exorcise our anxieties.
Take a poster home, switch on a light.

(text by SiN)


Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, South into North, Copenhagen