Quake II
Marian Tubbs & André Piguet
Curated by Holly Childs
Opening: Friday November 28th 6-9pm
This show has been conceived as a non-linear curve against Holly Childs’ upcoming book Danklands, to be published by Arcadia Missa in December 2014.
Show runs until 12th December (Gallery then closed for Christmas and New Year break)
In fact, much of the book may be the objects in the space
Dredge & resurface site sample:
1 × swamp beast
1 × mushroom
N × discarded metals and plastics
If something else comes up we can scrap it
But within the context of “(most of their suggested names were already taken), so they decided to use the working title”
Fiji™ bottle filled with turps, or meth
Holographic tape, holographic circles
Weed species out the FireWire
Small amounts of gallium so I know it’s real
There may be other things
“I try to be non–”
Intel inside
If you come across a stray ogre sneaking, pull out your xXx then run toward the ogre, hit it once (or twice if you can time properly), then run forward again and repeat
Feminist repurpose video #gamergate subversion shit
“I like an exhibition that reads as a first person shooter”
Sunlight × This way up × God mode
xXx hanging in the window, hauled from the ground
The Secret stored in wear and tear
Non-playable character holds the truth
Sequels are interesting because they have that rep of being shit
I guess we'll just have to follow the logic of the text

Supported by Australia Council for the Art

  Marian Tubbs & André Piguet, Holly Childs, Arcadia Missa, London