20/11/2014 — 10/01/2015

Earlier this year, I made a video titled "Struggle." It was a screening of "The Lion King" without any color or sound. I thought if I cleared out some space in the film, the viewer might expand to fill it up. The paintings in this show operate on the same negative principle (addition by subtraction), but this time I've edited out pretty much everything.

The first recorded use of the word boredom was in the novel "Bleak House," by Charles Dickens, 1852. He used it six times. I have never read the book. Insofar as a work might be realized uniquely each time it is seen by somebody new, "Bleak House," from my end, has not yet been made. There is an early Lawrence Weiner that goes ONE QUART EXTERIOR GREEN INDUSTRIAL ENAMEL THROWN ON A BRICK WALL. That piece was not executed, yet it definitely exists.

Perception is a brick. Cognition is a brick. In between them, it is mud.


  Andy Meerow, Levy Delval, Brussels