19 septembre – 18 octobre
Vernissage jeudi 18 septembre, 19h
September 19 – October 18
Opening Thursday, September 18, 7pm

After years spent happily working as an entrepreneur, there is an energetic crisis that hits, effecting mental and psychic energies. Everyones his/her own entrepreneur rrr rrrrrr-heur, his own businezzz, 24, twenty foaaaah hours serving THE needs. Equipped with pathetic power paraphernalia, conspicuously busy on the phone – my computer is my OOO-:FFIZZ. C C se se.
Hey you nasty authoritarian alter ego! The world started to spin too fast for our minds, creating K K a o s. We’ve engineered our own enterprise of exhausted souls. The brain is full of fuck.
Potential collaborators are E EVERY Wwwhere, WWääähr, E E VE ry parasite is a potential companion – company – competion. B E resitant. B E re- re- sistant. B EEE H.A.V.E. . Everywhere is everything. We have to stay vital in the assembly line of shaking hands, decision makers and infinite streams of trankalizers. Stuck stuck sztooook. Stucked in velooocity.
Don’t become defenseless against numerous perils and predators on a daily/nightly basis, all watched day and night. 20 fourrrring. RING RING. Klopf Klopf. Dear cynicism in the public soul if you’re looking for some shelter, you’re welcome to join me in my little shithole and sit down on my serrated-design postmodern bench that prevents your body from reclining on it. I will offer you some wine and we can discuss pop and sampling culture.

  Mathis Altmann, Marbriers 4, Geneva