Day Rate Same As Night Rate
Carlos Reyes
15.03 – 12.04.2014

Saturday March 15, 2014

4–9 pm

…"Day Rate Same As Night Rate" comes from a sign in a parking lot downtown. If we are in a car and need to park there, or we are the car, we have to pay for it (or believe that those who own us will pay). When day and night rates are the same, we cannot depend on one or the other to make a decision. We cannot lean against time. We have to go at it alone, circling the proximity. Until we find a space on the street (very unlikely sometimes), doing a few rounds around the block, killing time, would not save us. That is the consequence of sameness. It forces the risk.
…Scalabilty and speed could also be the constant thing around which objects form. To think about the mutable thing, through temperature change, air pressure, ambiguity, the mundane indeterminate thing, is really putting a value on time, the action that sculpts the form (…)
…Milk crates, split in halves, enlarge the field of perception. Zea mays everta aka popcorn, magnificent holder of explosion, transfigured in lead, in horror and  celebration. Too much lightness is heaviness; and it is from too much heaviness that lightness reigns again, because we adjust to it. 13.5-14% moisture; 135 pounds per square inch; 40-50 times its original size. It is as if what rises out of transformation stays the same…

Extracted from a conversation between Carlos Reyes and Jo-ey Tang (curator at Palais de Tokyo, Paris), Feb 15, 2014

  Carlos Reyes, Jo-ey Tang, Torri, Paris