Kate Sansom: Nissan Yogurty

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

After a nearly five year hiatus, Chrystal Gallery is proud to present its second exhibition with Kate Sansom: Nissan Yogurty.

She said “food is the oldest.” 
Maybe she figured it out that day in Costco?
Looking for slivered almonds, and a puffy frame. 
And also “it’s a good example of how autocatalytic domesticating products is.”  
Sort of the way people talk about what kind of food they are eating:
If you’re hearing that someone is on the Paleo diet, than you know that they are that kind of person- they probably grew up around a hot tub. 
KS: But you could find an example of autocatalysis in any self-assembling system with sensitive dependence on initial conditions. 
C: Maybe it’ll get harder if you stare at it. 
KS: I’m optimistic about sustainable chemical fecundity. 
C:  So obviously there are other examples of autocatalytic processes in economy. But that’s not even the point. Food is collectively autocatalytic - its produces enough product to sustain an entire other set of processes. 
KS: But isn’t food actually a constant in any reactive system? 
C: That’s what I’m talking about: try figuring out a unification theory without the major five. 
KS: Buddhists elevate all living creatures, not just cow, sheep, goat, pig, horse. 
C: There is an abundance of things synthesised.  You should know that your casually Audible Candy-Netflix-knowledge isn’t all it. I’m saying… you live in a totally miraculated framework of erudition, and preemptive ingratitude- because of planted cereals. 
KS: Oh, I’m trying not to eat wheat. 

  Kate Sansom, Chrystal Gallery