Villa Design Group
One Blow In Anger (Evidence 2011-2014)

Mathew NYC
January 9 - February 22, 2015
Opening reception: January 8, 7-9 PM

Open up and say you love him. It was something. She was so sure. Love, yes, secretly it wants to be love. The kind which riddles you like a fever, the kind that drives you to unconscious deeds. Think of crimes of passion, murder: kill him, suicide: kill yourself, all with the effective message - Mortality is at the peril of love.

One would need a note, the other not.

Ever since that moment, the notion of love had become a predominantly unrequited one. What an idiotic pickle you can find yourself in. When you know someone so closely, when you know the secrets of the one they really love, and you cannot use them as a weapon. How pathetic. Fighting for love is not a cruel thing.

Love will be cruel. That is the rule.

Win him, he ceases to exist, or, don't win him, and don't exist. This is not the mantra I wish I had never been born. Murder isn't hard. It surprises you.

An equation. An outcome.

He was asleep, in a dark room. He must have fallen asleep when it was still light. Get close. Kiss him. His eyes opened.

"I love you"

"Good Evening Nena, I love you too..."


Mathew NYC is pleased to announce One Blow in Anger (Evidence 2011-2014), the first New York presentation by Villa Design Group. Featuring hand drafted technical drawings, photographic works and new sculptures. Villa Design Group pictures the scene of collaboration not as the site of collegiate bonhomie, but psychosis. The archive, not as the site of potential, but the grounds for murder.

Villa Design Group are Than Hussein Clark, James Connick and William Joys.
Upcoming exhibitions include a solo presentation at MUMOK, Vienna in February 2015.

  Villa Design Group, Mathew NYC, New York,