Rare Darlings 

a master graduate exhibition by Sandra Mujinga 

Opening reception 30. January, 5pm-9pm
KHM Gallery, Ystadvägen 22a, Malmö
Opening hours: 
31. January-14. February, Tuesdays-Sundays, 1pm-5pm

Featuring Elisabeth Östin, Kristína Aðalsteinsdóttir and Princilla Owusu Afriyie

[Method: From a life inside a fish tank, like you would know what that`s like and vice versa]
[Challenge: Not giving away the plot if there is one, not creating a narrative where there isn't one]

[Keywords of irrelevance: Editing, effects, stand in, body double, pop, emo, lyrics, love, stone face, booth, interpretive dance, catwalk, blue, art, fabric, plastic, materials, eleven]

As usual, when given a space and information about it at the same time, its gills (yes, water is thicker] first clamps up seeing all the recognizable things. Then explodes in enthusiastic intake of oxygen when realizing that it`s all been redecorated for new stimuli. At every turn it takes there is a new distortion or an invite to easy games being played. It`s loud for sure. And it can circle the pillars as many times as it pleases.

- Lill Tuna

Ben Frost – Nolan on repeat (5:22). Totally fine experience listening to it through headphones. So I am in a hurry. Shopping malls stress me out. I mean the line is not necessarily a path. I mean if I am really asleep, then why am I stuck in this shopping mall? I breathe the air, and I don't have to think about it. Too human to be bored. I see the world for what it really is with my head low. Cold fingers. Expired receipts, the only scanning I do is by scrolling. Robsten is unbroken. The rashes are not disappearing and I will only enter the Afro shop to buy another facial cream if Beryl is working. Beryl always takes care of me and makes sure my wig is placed right. She also tells me that I am a mess.

When my teen sister says she is bored to death, is it before or after she has measured her pulse? Or is it because she is turning 18 and I keep telling everyone that she is 13? The state of boredom is nonexistent. Articles about boredom don't solve boredom anymore. The pool is not big enough, and my fingers are curling up like Tilikum's dorsal fin. I am bored, so I am making a 4 x 4 beat while studying other limitations my body carry. I am bored, so I decide to study my hands. I am bored so I begin to sweat, but I use my ears as coolers. Transforming, vibrating, knowing I will be another being by the time I have finished working with the file. I am so bored but you are alright.

The only times I willingly sit down at a café in a shopping mall is to get some writing done. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to walk there, and it takes me 20 minutes to walk back to the studio. The complexity of marine biology, the complexity of becoming an expert on smaller and smaller areas of ocean ecology, how to even imagine a larger whole, and why? When you are bored you are not only against something you are also a fan.

Through efficiency, hopefully writing a paragraph or two, I will get rewarded by permitting myself to leave.

  Sandra Mujinga, KHM Gallery, Malmö