KREX PEX FEX by Timur Akhmetov
Friday, February 13
at 8:00pm

The paradox raises a purely logical issue for any metalanguage–hierarchy solution, strict or liberal. The scenario is not going to arise in our world, so it is not a pragmatic issue. It seems though that there could be a logically possible world in which it grows if and only if they are saying something not true. However, there cannot be such a logically possible world wherein they make the statement ‘its growing’. The paradox assumes that all lies about the future turn out to be false. Since it grows whenever they try to say something that is not true, whether it turns out to be true is irrelevant since the growth of it hinges on their intention rather than the result. They could therefore say “it will grow" believing it will not since they believe there is a link between them telling a lie and its growth. They would therefore assume that it will grow when saying something false. They would therefore be telling the truth and it would not grow. This would prove them wrong...


invite designed by Nora Turato and David Kulen

  Timur Akhmeto, Kazachenko's Apartment, Oslo