Tell me again, slowly... What were you doing on Mars?”

Works by: Keith Allan (SCO), Kris Lemsalu (EST), Kevin Malcolm (SCO), Richard Nikl (CZ), Ivan Pérard (DK), Markus von Platen (DK), Lennart Schweder (D), Philipp Timischl (AT) & Okan Yildirim (DK).
Curated by Nikolaj Stobbe (DK) & Ivan Pérard (DK)

“It's about memory, brothers and sisters, growing up in different orbits, some getting scorched by the solar winds, some engulfed in magnetic storms, some target for every impact.
Mars is a place of dreams, our lost twin, our red desert planet. I want this colour, burning your retina, scorching your nose, in your spit: Iron oxide red desolate desert. Vast Martian soil.
Will we colonize Mars? Create an atmosphere, see the Earth set, tame the dust storms?
Become a two planet civilisation? Land with guns blazing, feast on the god of war? Will we live in fear in shelters, dug deep beneath the red dust, breeding unspeakable things? Will our eyes pop? Will humans record porn on Mars? How will that look in 38% gravity? Will we feel lighter? Build great canals, and meter- thick architecture, and draw pictures of earth in the sand? Will we descent from civilization and be left behind? Will we be forgotten? Will we jump into the oceans? Will we love on Mars? Will we merge with our technology in the deadly radiation? Will we freeze to death in the desert sun? Will we chill in the dark caves of Arsia Mons?
Will we wander the giant impact plains of the Borealis Basin, sleepless, sit down and loose ourselves to unknown parasites? Who named this? Will we remember the taste of O2? H2O? Will we dream? Lidless endless red dreams?
Will we be brought back, tied down, and will a voice ask this question, for the thousand time, this time, no lies:
Tell me again, slowly... What were you doing on Mars?”

- Mission briefing

On view are different approaches on representation of the matter and knowledge the crew of artists have collected on their mission to Mars. Through process mapping the curators organised these various imaginations of the planet in an areography (a study of the planet Mars) available for the visitor to investigate.

  Keith Allan, Kris Lemsalu, Kevin Malcolm, Richard Nikl, Markus von Platen, Lennart Schweder, Philipp Timischl, Okan Yildirim, Nikolaj Stobbe, Ivan Pérard, 
  OK Corral, Copenhagen