Luca Francesconi — Nightmare carbohydrates

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April 18 — May 2
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“When I started trying to follow the industrial food chain – the one that now feed most of us most of the time and typically culminates either in a supermarket or a fast-food meal – I expected that my investigations would lead me to a wide variety of places. And though my journeys did take me to a great many states, and covered a great many miles, at the very end of these food chians (which is to say, at the very beginning), I invariably found myself in almost exactly the same place: a farm field in the American Corn Belt.”
Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma.

An endless belt which now embraces the whole world, without beginning and without end, that from Iowa, from Indiana, from Kansas, proceeds inexorable, to the humid regions of South America, the Far East, India, and devours more and more space in African countries in decline, without ever having known growth. The chain runs to Europe: France, Italy, Germany, bridging all agricultural soils, in an eternal monoculture that has as its only aim our intestines. Another field, another "cultivable space", where in a putrid silence takes place the new gastric drama, not dissimilar to a war against anyone, that every man, with unconditioned reflexes of digestion, fights.

Read the ingredients on the label of any processed and provided you know the chemical names it travels under, corn is what you will find. For modified or unmodified starch, for glucose syrup and maltodextrin, for crystalline fructose and ascorbic acid, for lecithin and dextrose, acid lactic and lysine, for maltose and HFCS, for MSG and polyols, for caramel color and xanthan gum, read: Corn*.

Asshole, think you are safe behind a trademark "Vegan"? Asshole! The Bogeyman made of flour and carbohydrates, wanders the streets of the city, is no longer behind the cabinet, but inside you, in your colon, in your fridge and on your table. Day and night.

Why do you eat again carbohydrates, continuing the nightmare? Proteins will save the world.
Can you eat stones? But the horse, the ox and the pig, cannot feed themselves only with grain. Not even the chicken and the fish could do it so.Why you keep smashing their organs, making them become, quickly, succulent and watery blocks? Cramming into their bellies, grains unhealthy and inedible.

God would never do that.

We grow our intestines as good ground: will be fertile space. Viruses, enzymes, yeasts and bacteria make up our identity, no less of our mind. The colon is full of neurons, they don't live in slurries of carbohydrates.

At the ends of the food chain still remain a piece of land and a man, two biological systems interconnected. The health of the first is joined (systematically) to the other. Even if in the center, now, there's a Supermarket.

Fat stomachs, enlarged by decades of grains and powders. Carbohydrates.

We are not only our mind. We are not "just ourselves." In our gut there is a huge presence of other life, from which we are composed. Small living beings, animals minimums, without them there would be no digestion. We are our bacteria, we are our enzymes and our viruses.
With this internal breeding, life goes on.

Be good shepherds.

  Luca Francesconi, Tonus, Paris